There were 102 entries judged and 53 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show – Professional Brewers

1stJohn Rowley, Tyler King, Jami NordbySaison du Solstice on Merlot Grapes28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer
2ndAdrian PsutyVeedels Brau5B: K├Âlsch
3rdPaul MalloryImperial Stout20C: Imperial Stout

Best of Show – Amateur Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub/Brewery
1stJames SteinbachKrampus' Night Out30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable BeerSangre De Cristo Craft Brewers
2ndDaniel GreinelFive Burros Steam Ale19B: California Common

Winning Entries

Table 1: Pale Lager (5 entries)

1stKeith WrightPeckerwood Lager1B: American Lager
2ndJames AndrewsGerman Pils5D: German Pils
3rdJames AndrewsAmerican Lager1B: American Lager

Table 2: Amber Lager (7 entries)

1stMike RisingMarzen6A: Marzen
2ndJames AndrewsInternational Amber Lager2B: International Amber Lager
3rdKeith WrightFantastic Fest6A: Marzen

Table 3: Dark Lagers (6 entries)

1stBob KnowltonDopple Penetrator9A: Doppelbock
2ndKeith WrightCheck This3D: Czech Dark Lager
3rdJames AndrewsInternational Dark Lager2C: International Dark Lager

Table 4: Pale Ales (9 entries)

1stKeith WrightAmerican Beauty1D: American Wheat Beer
2ndKeith WrightBossy Blonde18A: Blonde Ale
3rdKeith WrightBig Ol' Good'n5B: Kolsch

Table 5: Amber Ales (7 entries)

1stDaniel GreinelFive Burros Steam Ale19B: California Common
2ndKevin FlemingXport 8014C: Scottish Export
3rdBob KnowltonRed Dog Ale15A: Irish Red Ale

Table 6: Dark Ales (11 entries)

1stKevin FlemingCzar's Stout20C: Imperial Stout
2ndJared CarsonSimple English Porter 13C: English Porter
3rdKevin FlemingAmerican's Porter20A: American Porter

Table 7: Hoppy Ales (10 entries)

1stDavid CohoeRed Rye IPA21B: Specialty IPA
2ndMichael FryEmancipation Bitter11B: Best Bitter
3rdTroy StephensDeAd EnD IpA21A: American IPA

Table 8: Session Belgians (7 entries)

1stJeff JantzFarm Cat25B: Saison
2ndRyan SarhanThe Last Beer Of Summer24A: Witbier
3rdJEREMY OLSENSaison25B: Saison

Table 9: Strong Ales (7 entries)

1stKevin FlemingKinda Strong Golden25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale
2ndKevin FlemingDark And Strong26D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
3rdDaniel BeggsPurgatory Strong25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Table 10: Fruit Beers (9 entries)

1stMichael FryChocolate Hazelnut Porter29B: Fruit and Spice Beer
2ndKevin FlemingCherries & Spices29B: Fruit and Spice Beer
3rdJEREMY OLSENOrange Dreamsicle Cream Ale29C: Speciality Fruit Beer
HMBrandon OBrienTropical Saddle Time29B: Fruit and Spice Beer

Table 11: Sour Ales (6 entries)

1stKevin FlemingFrambois/Pomme American Style28C: Wild Specialty Beer
2ndWarren Lail3Dog Blood Orange Farmhouse Ale28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer

Table 12: Wood aged/Smoked/Historical Beers (9 entries)

1stJared CarsonNada Te Turbe33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
2ndBob KnowltonCommando Kilt Scotch Ale32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer
3rdMark WestbrockPatience Imperial Stout33A: Wood-Aged Beer

Table 13: Spiced/Specialty beers (9 entries)

1stJames SteinbachKrampus' Night Out30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
2ndJeff JantzHot Blonde30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer